Tuesday, August 29, 2006

the plot thickens

So, a few days ago, Google quietly introduced Google Mobile Ads to the US, UK, and Germany, extending the capability to buy AdWords on their mobile search results. Previously, it was available only in Japan.

In typical Google style, it looks like it should be a great advertising product. We were pretty excited to incorporate this into the AdMob Network, and yesterday we rolled out our contextual search channel. Now advertisers on AdMob can purchase contextual search inventory alongside the rest of their ad purchases.

Although the channel represents only a small amount of our inventory at present, we are confident that it will grow quickly, and we look forward to extending the channel with other providers of contextual search in the mobile space.

Obviously, Google's new product begs the question of competition with AdMob. We're certainly well aware of the competitive dynamics in the space, but all in all, we feel that this introduction will be a net positive for AdMob and the mobile advertising market as a whole. For a deeper discussion on Google, and what I was thinking a few months ago (which admittedly has evolved some).. you can check out this posting on the issue.

Monday, August 07, 2006

ooo, pretty

You probably already noticed, but we just relaunched the site with a nice new look... hope you like it!!