Tuesday, November 28, 2006

new ad management features for publishers

Hey folks. This is Mark, lead developer for AdMob’s web applications. Based on feedback received from our publishers, we developed several new advertising management features.

We added two options to the “edit site” page (also available when creating a new site). First, publishers now have the option of running ads categorized as Age Appropriate. These are ads that our team feels are best targeted at viewers 16 or older, such as ads for dating and personals sites, or ads for sites that are “PG-13” oriented. We still prohibit any adult and mature content. (Check the content guidelines for a complete rundown: http://www.admob.com/content_guidelines.php)

Second, publishers can manage specific ad categories. Most should still opt-in to all categories to maximize revenue, but you can now remove specific categories rather than managing each ad individually.

By default, all existing publishers have been set to receive Age Appropriate ads, as well as ads for all categories. If you prefer to change these settings, please login and click “My Sites” then “edit site”.

The AdMob team will apply the category and rating as part of our existing moderation process. We will probably allow advertisers to directly select specific categories during the ad creation process early next year.

We hope these changes allow you to optimize the type of advertisements running on your site, as well as make the advertisements more relevant for your users. Please send any feedback to support@admob.com.




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