Would you like to know what pages your users take action on? Or release an ad with more confidence that potential users will click? As we kick off 2015, we’re beyond excited about the opportunities for developers to harness new insights and grow their apps with the power of Google Analytics. Using analytics will give you the data to discover new users, measure engagement, and gauge impact. There’s no time like the present to dive in.

To help you get started, we’re beginning a series of Google+ posts on app analytics resolutions: steps you as a developer can take this year to make better use of your app’s data. Over the next few weeks, our in-house Google Analytics product experts will offer up their own personal recommendations for metrics and reports that you can utilize to gain a deeper understanding of your app’s performance. Scroll on over to our G+ page tomorrow to learn how.

Posted by Becky Bowman
AdMob Global Commercialization Lead

Happy New Year! If you've been to the AdMob website recently, you may have noticed we made big changes to the site. In addition to the aesthetic upgrades, we’ve worked hard to make the website more helpful to you. Here are 3 reasons to check it out.

#1: Learn how we can help you reach your specific goals

AdMob is more than an ad network, it’s a robust platform that will help you reach your goals. Whether you need to learn new insights about your users, increase revenue, manage all of your advertising inventory, or drive more in-app purchases and installs, AdMob can help get you there. We restructured the site around these common goals, providing deeper insights into exactly how you can best use the product to grow.

# 2: Find new, relevant success stories

App developers have been thriving on AdMob. In this redesign, we've made sure to sprinkle developer stories all throughout the site—stories like how Jason Byrne and Robert Diem of Eltsoft have increased revenue 20x with AdMob interstitial ads, or how the game developers at Colopl have seen great results cross-promoting their own apps through AdMob. Additionally, we’ve added filters to our case studies section so that you can explore similar companies with similar goals.

#3 Discover helpful resources

Our new resource section includes a hub for great learning guides like Analytics Academy for Mobile Apps and the App Developer Business Kit. You’ll also find direct links to essential resources like our help desks and SDK integration tutorials and stay connected on all things mobile apps by following our blog and Google+ page.

Posted by Mark McDonald
Content Marketing Specialist, AdMob

Welcome to the final video in our six-part series of interviews with leading app developers and experts. This week’s video tackles the tough question of how to grow your business. After success with one app, how do you repeat it and shape your business for the future?
This is the last video in this six-part series. You can re-watch or discover any you may have missed over the past six weeks on this YouTube playlist.

The App Developer Interview Series and App Developer Business Kit are initiatives from AdMob to educate app developers about how to grow their idea into a successful app business. To learn more about building, marketing and monetizing your app, visit the The App Developer Business Kit on the AdMob website, and stay connected on all things AdMob and more by following our Google+ page.

Posted by Mike Schipper
Product Marketing Manager, AdMob

In November, we introduced the Mobile App Analytics Fundamentals course to provide an opportunity for developers to learn the ropes of mobile app analytics. This self-paced online course is designed to explore the tools and reports that can help you better understand user acquisition and behavior.

Due to an unprecedented number of students joining the course in December, we’ve extended the deadline to earn your course certificate by one week. Students who complete all four course assessments with an overall score of 80% or better by December 18, 2014 at 11:59pm PST, will earn a certificate of completion that can be downloaded from the My Profile page in the course.

Still need to sign up? Register here. The course should take about two to four hours to complete.
Also, don’t miss the YouTube recording of Product Manager and course instructor, Fontaine Foxworth, discussing common mobile app analytics questions with other Google Analytics experts, including Product Manager, Rahul Oak, and Software Engineer, Andrew Baldwin. Our experts discuss creating a measurement plan, tracking installs and events, and monetization models.

Posted by Becky Bowman
AdMob Global Commercialization Lead

Launching your app is one thing, driving lots of downloads is another. Your app is competing against millions of others and whether you have a marketing budget or not, you should have a promotion plan in mind. But what does a good app marketing plan look like? What features can you build into your app so it markets itself?

Don’t answer that right now. Watch the fifth video in the App Developer Interview Series by AdMob instead. Our panel of app developers has discovered how to get millions of downloads, so check out their tips and tricks!
The App Developer Interview Series and App Developer Business Kit are initiatives from AdMob to educate app developers about how to grow their idea into a successful app business. To learn more about building, marketing and monetizing your app, visit the The App Developer Business Kit on the AdMob website, and stay connected on all things AdMob and more by following our Google+ page.

Posted by Mike Schipper
Product Marketing Manager, AdMob

Cross-posted on the Google Analytics blog

Since April 2014, Google Analytics has been fully available in AdMob, and now app developers are increasingly seeing results by combining data from both platforms. Here’s one story that illustrates the power of AdMob and Google Analytics together.

Passion for languages and learning

Jason Byrne, and business partner Robert Diem, are passionate about making a difference in education. They came together during their time as professors in Japan to found Eltsoft LLC, a company that builds mobile language learning apps for iOS and Android. Together, they started creating a series of fun tools that allow users to study whenever they want, wherever they are.

Global expansion

Their most popular app is English Grammar, which has been downloaded by more than a million people looking to sharpen their English-language skills in nearly 120 countries.

All of the company’s apps are available for free or as paid versions. To increase revenue, they chose AdMob to earn money from the free versions of their apps with advertising. “AdMob monetization is central to our success because it delivers high-quality, appropriate ads to our audience in their native languages, wherever they live,” says Jason.

The Google Analytics data within AdMob helped them understand more about their users. "Our app, English Grammar, has users from all around the world, so we turned to data from Google Analytics and AdMob to understand which languages we should consider for localization. For example, we knew we had to prioritize German and French, but we discovered other languages that we didn't expect, such as Russian and Japanese."

A data-driven approach to marketing

Eltsoft uses data to focus their marketing campaigns and assess where to use their resources most effectively. “Google Analytics keeps making campaign analysis simpler and clearer,” Jason says. “Data from various sources - Google Analytics and Google Play, for instance - are now all in one place. That helps me understand what’s happening with our ad campaigns.”

While data analysis helped Eltsoft validate some of their hypotheses, it also uncovered opportunities according to Jason: “The greatest takeaway for me is that the results are never really what I expect. I am often surprised. Analytics has given us great insights into who our users are, and has provided a very important lesson in the value of surveying our user base. Our simple assumptions are often inaccurate.”

Replicating successful strategies

Eltsoft has developed a way to calculate the value of users by using a combination of AdMob metrics (like ad request values) and Analytics metrics (like user counts and sessions per user). Having Google Analytics in AdMob has unlocked such analysis because the data is available in the same interface.

As a result, Eltsoft can now understand what works best for their users. “For example, we’ve made changes to our apps, and Analytics has really helped us to track the effectiveness of those changes. I would say six months ago, that our success was a mystery. The data said we were doing well, but the whys were not clear. Therefore, we couldn’t replicate or push forward. But today, we understand what’s happening and can project our future success. We have not only the data, but can control certain variables allowing us to understand that data.”

“Google Analytics data is literally a goldmine,” says Jason.

If you want to learn more about how Eltsoft is using Google Analytics and AdMob, download the full case study.

Want to learn how to get the most from Analytics in AdMob? Sign up for our free online course, Mobile App Analytics Fundamentals.

Posted by Russell Ketchum
Lead Product Manager, Google Analytics for Mobile Apps

When monetizing an app with ads, you want to make sure that you’re implementing them in the right way to create a positive user experience. AdMob developers, such as Raon Games, are discovering that interstitial ads are an effective way to monetize. These are full-screen ads appearing at natural transition points in an app.

However, with poor interstitial ad implementations, it's possible to see an increase in accidental clicks. This happens most often when users are not expecting an interstitial ad to appear on the screen (for example, in the middle of a game or on an exit screen). Sometimes we see poor implementations leading us to refund advertisers and disable ad serving until the issue is fixed.

Learn to implement interstitial ads the right way by watching our new best practice video.
For additional guidance, check out our help center page, and stay connected on all things AdMob and more by following our Google+ page.

Posted by Danielle Chang and Pauline Wang
AdMob Policy Team